Statement in response to Select Investigative Panel Subpoenas

StemExpress has turned over to the Select Investigative Panel numerous materials as well as materials produced previously for the House Committee on Government Reform, Senate Judiciary Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee for each of their own separate investigations. Throughout this process, StemExpress has continued to protect its clients’ confidentiality, and to abide by its legal obligations.  The Select Investigative Panel now seeks confidential client information and the identity of individual scientists and researchers through the issuance of a subpoena.  StemExpress supports academic hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers and medical research institutions throughout the United States — in every region of the country.  There are numerous medical journals that reference how StemExpress supports scientific research that develops cures and prevents disease by providing quality stem cells, blood and tissue that are critical to advancing cures. Americans are seeking cures for diseases and StemExpress is working to make that happen.