COVID-19 Testing at StemExpress

Peace of mind with COVID

Keeping America healthy and getting the workforce back to work is important to our economy. StemExpress has launched COVID-19 testing to support the healthcare system, employers, and private citizens. 

We are proud to offer PCR and Antibody testing to anyone who wants to be tested. PCR is a kind of test that checks to see if you currently have a COVID-19 infection. We have heard a lot of people say… “I think I had COVID but I wasn’t ever tested”. Well, now you can be! With the combination of both PCR and Antibody testing, you will be able to determine if you are currently infected or if you have antibodies present that demonstrate previous infection and potential immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19.  

COVID testing on woman

The cost of COVID testing:

  • Molecular (PCR) $149
  • Antibody testing $169

Most results are reported within 72 hours of your test. We accept all major credit cards.

Testing is currently available at select locations and we are working expand testing tor all locations and will continue to update our website as testing locations become available.

Current Test Locations include:

  • Arlington, MA 
  • Folsom, CA 
  • Raleigh, NC
  • San Diego, CA

How do you schedule an appointment:  

If you are an individual that would like to be tested, please call our Collection Center at 877-900-7836 and schedule an appointment.  If you are calling on behalf of a business or organization and you want to schedule testing for your employees or group please complete our form or call 530-957-3028 for more information.