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Promotion valid only through 03/31/2023 as inventory remains available or at the discretion of StemExpress. Promotion valid only in the United States through direct sales, and cannot be combined with any other promotions, discounts or offers.

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Up to 200mL of fresh bone marrow aspirate collected from a single donor

You’ll never come up short on raw material for your research projects again

StemExpress bone marrow is collected by a certified medical professional at one of our 6 collection centers nationwide. We can collect up to 200mL of bone marrow aspirate from a single donor, making StemExpress the leading provider of this critical raw material for cell and gene therapy research. Fresh bone marrow aspirate is transferred to our on-site cell manufacturing laboratory where specific bone marrow primary cells are processed, analyzed, and vialed. Cell attributes, such as phenotype, viability, purity, and cell count are checked to meet rigorous standards, ensuring high-quality cells before leaving the facility.

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Featured Product

Featured Product

Fresh Bone Marrow Aspirate

Fresh human whole bone marrow is collected by a licensed medical professional from healthy IRB consented donors at one of our 6 coast-to-coast collection centers. The fluid portion of the bone marrow is aspirated from up to a maximum of 4 sites on the posterior iliac crest and includes anticoagulants Na-Heparin or ACD-A. We also offer other anticoagulants by request.

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Success Starts at the Source

Collected via Arrow® OnControl® Drill

Using the Arrow® OnControl® Drill that StemExpress helped develop, Fresh Bone Marrow is drawn from IRB-consented donors across multiple Iliac Crests. Not only does this reduce the amount of Peripheral Blood in the final product, but it also guaranteed 90% purity for CD34+ products.

Collections can be made in the following variations:

Bone Marrow Viability and Purity Data

Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions & procedures are in place to ensure a sterile collection?

StemExpress uses the The Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Marrow Biopsy System for the aspiration. Sterile PPE is worn by the clinical physician and all other staff members in the Bone Marrow room for the procedure as well as new and sterile materials are used.

What is your policy on sterility?

We do not perform a sterility testing for fresh Bone Marrow products. However, we can accommodate special requests for sterility testing of primary cells from Bone Marrow. Contact us for more information. 

Does StemExpress' collection process reduce the amount of blood in Bone Marrow product?

The clinical staff member drills directly in the Bone Marrow. The drilling is performed into multiple iliac crests which reduces the amount of peripheral blood in the final product.

What is the minimum amount you can collect?

The standard minimum collection is 25mL. For custom orders, please CONTACT US.

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