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Cancer Program

Why Use Cancerous Blood Samples?

Biomedical researchers studying rare cancers are in constant need of cancerous blood and tissue samples. Lack of access to these samples can present significant obstacles in their research and clinical trials. StemExpress supports the biomedical research community by providing raw materials needed for life-saving studies. Our foundation has partnered with a vast network of healthcare providers across the globe, to connect researchers with targeted, region-specific donors. Through our extensive database, scientists now have access to rare, disease-state donor samples in record time. You can partner with StemExpress Foundation and connect your willing patients with the researchers who desperately need their help.

Donors And Cancer Research

StemExpress partners with leaders in biomedical science to foster innovation in the field of cancer research. Utilizing our StemExpress collection centers as a trusted resource, our partners have made strides into the early detection of cancers via Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) isolation techniques. cfDNA are non-encapsulated DNA fragments that enter into the bloodstream. Because these fragments are shed by tumor cells, they are critical in the detection of early and late stage disease. Access to the extensive StemExpress donor network provides these companies the unique materials needed to develop life-saving cfDNA detection kits.

Our Collection Procedures

We offer onsite training to ensure that the collection process has little to no impact on your regular business and patient care. The blood sample is procured via a whole blood draw. This 10-15 minute procedure can be done during a routine exam, so as to not inconvenience your patients. Patients can also donate at any StemExpress Stem Cell Collection Center!

All StemExpress Foundation technicians have been trained in HIPAA, NIH consenting procedures, and hospital and blood-borne pathogen safety. Additionally, our collection process utilizes custom tools and techniques to achieve the largest possible draw volume, making every donation count.

Partner With The StemExpress Foundation

Partner with StemExpress Foundation to directly impact the biomedical research that's helping patients worldwide. Through StemExpress Foundation, your facility can participate in life-changing medical advancements by providing researchers with the cancerous samples they need. Give your patients the opportunity to participate in research that is specific to their condition. Contact StemExpress Foundation to find out more about how your facility can accelerate medical research.

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Contact StemExpress Foundation to find out more about how your facility can help accelerate medical research.