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Stemexpress Foundation seeks to improve the lives of its patients and
their families by driving significant processes in medical research

Our Mission

Scientists go through many phases of research and trials before new technologies reach patients. By providing blood samples and support to researchers, StemExpress Foundation accelerates the time it takes to complete vital projects. It’s pretty amazing, and you can help!


STEM Education

StemExpress supports future leaders in STEM through initiatives that provide opportunities for underrepresented members of the community. We support our young scientists through scholarships, paid internships and community outreach. Our ultimate goal is to nurture their intellectual abilities and empower them to pursue their dreams.

Cancer Reseach Support

At StemExpress, we understand that the fight against cancer is of paramount importance. Our foundation provides bio-specimen samples to research projects at no cost, supporting the development of blood and bone marrow cancers such as Acute Myeloid Leukemia and chronic lymphocytic Leukemia.


Umbilical Cord Blood Donation

There are more than 200 clinical trials worldwide investigating the use of cord blood stem cells in regenerative therapy. These developments depend on the innovative research conducted at academic institutions and within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, using donor contributions of cord blood for research.

Maternal Blood Program

StemExpress Foundation has long supported the commercial development of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). These tests are important to ensure that expecting mothers are able to obtain the most accurate information concerning their child’s health. Maternal blood samples provide researchers with the genetic material needed to continue the development and advancement of NIPT screening. Through StemExpress Foundation, your facility can participate in life-changing medical advancements by providing researchers with the maternal blood samples they need.


With your help, the StemExpress Foundation has made strides in the lives of patients and their families across the globe. Together, we can continue to help make a difference.

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Holy DNA! Scientists have just uncovered 60 new genetic diseases that hadn’t been discovered before! It’s like finding a whole bunch of new Pokémon, except these new discoveries are going to have a real impact on the lives of thousands of families.

So here’s the scoop: these scientists analyzed the DNA of over 13,500 people who had previously been struggling with undiagnosed developmental delays or intellectual disabilities. They used a fancy technique called exome sequencing, which basically reads the important parts of your DNA that make proteins. By comparing the DNA of these individuals to a reference genome, the researchers were able to spot mutations or variations that were unique to the affected individuals.


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