Patient Services

StemExpress provides a wide range of services to members of our community. Need a COVID-19 test? Want to get paid to participate in life-saving healthcare research? We are here to help!

Available Services


COVID-19 Vaccinations

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming COVID-19 vaccinations.

Donating Blood For Research

Want to take part in vital, life-changing research? Donate your blood with StemExpress! Biomedical research relies heavily on blood donations from people like you. Researchers around the globe utilize isolated components of blood samples to develop new treatments and cures for a wide range of illnesses and disorders. Your donation could greatly impact these research projects, and potentially change lives for generations to come.

Donating Cells for Cell Therapy

Cell therapy is a process by which a donor’s healthy stem cells are transplanted into a patient in need. These healthy stem cells allow the body to repair its compromised immune system. You can directly help someone who is suffering from cancer or an autoimmune disease by donating your stem cells. These cells can be donated to a loved one, a stranger, and even back to yourself. Come be a part of this exciting and transformative scientific research!

Want to find out how you can help scientific research?

Contact StemExpress to find out more about how you can help and for more information on our available patient services.