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Scaling Clinical Cell and Gene Therapies:


Virtual Webinar

July 28, 2022

Webinar Key Speakers

Join our panel of experts as they discuss important attributes associated with choosing the right partners, including flexibility and scalability, allogeneic donor recruitment, the ability to leverage healthcare relationships to access more patients, and providing different human-derived clinical starting material.

As the clinical commercial approval of many novel therapies come to market, the need for quality clinical partners has never been higher. It can mean the success or failure of scalability.

During this webinar, the panel will discuss how choosing the right partner can assist clients through the process of transitioning therapies from R&D through clinical approval and into commercialization, with the end goals always in mind.

The panel will also discuss how clients with existing therapies can scale faster through the right partnerships.

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About our presenters


Cate Dyer

Founder & CEO, StemExpress

Ms. Dyer is passionate about business, company culture, and fueling regenerative medicine and translational research. Her work is aimed at positively impacting the lives of millions by accelerating the cure and prevention of significant medical conditions at life-changing speed. Armed with only $9,000 and a vision, Ms. Dyer founded StemExpress in 2010. Since then, the company has expanded nationally and internationally opening multiple facilities, cutting-edge laboratories and stem cell collection centers, with a proven record of supporting clinical trials, accelerating R&D, and facilitating the commercialization of many products.

Cate Dyer Phacilitate

Dr. Gregory Graves

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Graves has been specializing in surgical oncology as the Medical Director of the Sutter Valley Oncology Service Line since 2010. He has served as Chairman of the Department of Surgery and has been a member and clinical professor of the teaching staff at University California, Davis for over 25 years. In his work as the CMO of StemExpress, he oversees all medical operations and physicians who work for StemExpress.


What To Expect

This 60-minute session will feature a short presentation with a session dedicated to an interactive panel discussion where you will be able to ask your questions.

Part 1: The panel addresses key challenges associated with scaling clinical and gene therapies:

  • Enhanced allogeneic donor recruitment – find the right donors
  • Flexibility in human-derived clinical starting material – whole blood, apheresis, cryopreserved
  • Leverage healthcare partnerships to access patients that can benefit from your therapy

Part 2: The panel answers audience questions with an interactive Q&A.