The 12 Days of Cryo are here!

12 Days of Cryo

The holidays are a time for cheer, and StemExpress is spreading that cheer with our new holiday promotion. For all of December 2022, StemExpress is offering ALL CRYO at 31% OFF! That means 31% off high-quality products like cryopreserved PBMCs, Leukopaks, T Cells, and many more.

With these prices, there’s no better time to stock your laboratory freezers with premium source materials to have on hand when you need them – ensuring 2023’s projects move forward more efficiently, and most importantly on your schedule.



Featured Products Include

Along with our holiday promotion, StemExpress is highlighting some of our favorite cryo products during our 12 Days of Cryo feature! Join us on LinkedIn to learn about our robust inventory, and how we can help support your research! Did you know, our cells are obtained from our diverse, expansive donor base, from 6 collection centers nationwide. To ensure purity and viability, all cells are characterized by flow cytometry and cryopreserved with the highest quality reagents. During our 12 Days of Cryo feature, we will be highlighting information like the impressive TNC’s and post thaw viability of our Cryo Leukopaks, or our unique in-hospital cord blood collections, and even the expert isolation techniques of mature macrophages. Tune in to learn more about what our state-of-the-art laboratory has to offer.

Are you interested in learning more about our products, or do you have a unique project we can support? Contact us to discuss the ways StemExpress can help you advance your research projects, at all stages. Call 530.303.3828 or email